Mark 9:14-29

All things are possible for those who believe Have you ever had struggles in your life? Like a flashlight lighting up the darkness, times of struggle can shine onto our faith. When things are good and going smoothly we sometimes go into cruise mode and take our faith for granted.

Sometimes our struggles bring us closer to God and other times, it can push people away. Our lesson for today highlights a man who was desperate. His son was possessed by a demon that tried to destroy him. He brought his son to Jesus but Jesus was not there. Jesus' disciples tried to drive out the demon but could not.

When Jesus arrives He asks what the problem is. The man brought his son to Jesus and said if you can heal him have compassion. Jesus said, “if I can heal him? All things are possible for those who believe”. The man said, “I believe. Help me overcome my unbelief.”

Jesus shows that He came not just for the strong in faith but also for those who are struggling and falling away. Jesus came for you, no matter how strong your faith is. ~ Pastor Dave Weber