Mark 7:31-37

This Week's Message...

When you think of a phrase that is at the heart of the Gospel, what comes to mind?  Love your neighbor as yourself?  You are forgiven?  Whatever it may be, Mark gives us another phrase to consider.  Ephphatha!

It is an Aramaic word that means be opened.  It is written in Aramaic to emphasize its importance. It is an imperative verb making it a command.  Be opened!  In the context of this story, it is directed at a man who is deaf and speech impaired.  Scripture uses it in a much broader context.  

We are saved by God’s grace through faith. That faith is a gift from God. To receive it we must be open!  Join us as together we unpack what it means in our lives to have God open us to receive His blessings and open us up to be a blessing to others. Ephphatha! 

~ Pastor Dave