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 Young at Heart

Wednesday, March 23rd at 11:30 am in the Fellowship Hall  

Alternatives to Blood Transfusions  


Chula Vista is home to one of fewer than 150 hospitals in the U.S. to provide a bloodless surgery program, and the only one in S.D. County.  A bloodless surgery hospital provides care to patients who choose to avoid the use of donor blood, even for complex cares such as open-heart surgery. 

Mr. Martinez has managed the bloodless program at Sharp Chula Vista since its inception in 2003. His presentation describes the advanced techniques and equipment used before, during and after surgery to reduce the need for blood, which can cost a hospital between $800 to a $I,000 per unit. 

We have our potluck at 11:30am and Mr. Martinez will give his program starting at 12:00pm. Come and join the fellowship and a very interesting program.

Dick Fisher

YAH Coordinator